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This is the first edition of a new service to you: “Staff Matters”.

Union Syndicale will keep you regularly informed about latest developments in EU case law on staff matters and other useful legal news relevant for staff.

It will treat subjects like e.g. your rights in promotion, invalidity, entitlements and benefits, pension, the duty of care, holidays, insurance, damage claims, filing complaints and procedural questions as well as deadline observance.

This is to increase your knowledge and capacity to defend your rights appropriately.

*Staff Matters – Number 1

The first edition will focus on the right to be heard.

The rights of the defence constitute a fundamental principle of EU law. The person concerne must be given the opportunity, before the drawing up of a decision adversely affecting him, to make his views effectively known as to the truth and relevance of the facts and circumstances on which that decision was  based. The right to be heard implies that the person concerned must have the possibility of influencing the decision-making process at issue.

*Staff Matters – Number 2

In this second issue of Staff Matters, we will focus on the assistance that is – or should be – given by institutions to victims of harassment.

*Staff Matters – Number 3

In this issue of Staff Matters, we will examine some cases where taking a decision or communicating it took an excessive time and the damages awarded by the Court.