A wide range of insurance productsdesigned to meet the needs of European civil servants in both Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Without a doubt, the keyword is Hazard

Hazard is a sword of Damocles which, if it occurs, can affect us significantly both in our health and properties.

The essential role of an insuranceis to prevent hazards and, if necessary and feasible, control their financial consequences as much as possible.

The Union Syndicale in support of its members

In recent years, the Union Syndicale (US) has taken the decision to support members in their search for insurance products that are well adapted to their security needs and their specific status. In such a complex field, the US aims tofacilitate the identification and application of appropriate solutions for their members.

With what result?

Today, through framework agreements negotiated by combining our know-how, extensive understanding of your needs and the expertise of our broker-counsellor Concordia, members have access to a series of policies whose scope is intended to be very extensive and at a cost that would otherwise not be affordable for an individual. The positive price differential varies according to the policies, between 5 and 20% compared to market standards.

What does our insurance program include?

Six optional insurance coverages are concerned:

  • “health” insurance complementary to the JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme) with its three formulas “EuroSanté Optimum”, “EuroSantéEquilibre” and “EuroSantéTranquillité;
  • “assistance”, with a choice of six products adapted to the expectations of each family. We coverthis in more detail below;
  • “car” insurance (compulsory legal civil liability, all risk (omnium) material damages, legal protection);
  • “multi-risks home” insurance (owner, tenant, occupant);
  • “personal civil liability”, also called family insurance;
  • individual accident insurance (adults, children).

Focus on Assistance

Assistance is particularly requested by European civil servants.
Our program has just been enhanced with six formulas with a yearly basis, from the simplest to the most comprehensive.
Here is a table summarizing the scope of all the formulas available.
For each of them, you benefit from a pricing advantage of 10%.
Consequently, you may deduct 10% from the premiums mentioned in this table.

This is your USB privilege.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Our insurance program is finally now offered to our colleagues in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
It responds to the same concerns that guided us for Belgium.

The aim is to propose:

  • broad insurance coverage (“EuroSanté” and”Assistance” products are the same),
  • a preferential cost,
  • integrating local specificities for “car”, “home”, “personal liability” and “individual accident” insurance.

The”service” dimension for our members is present, just like in Belgium.
IBS Europe, the Luxembourg partner of our insurance broker Concordia, takes care of this.

You will find their contact details on the contact page.

What about the other countries where our members may be affected?
Our three complementary “health” formulas are available all over the world.

The vocation of the USF is to defend you and to support you everywhere where the gathering of our forces is likely to be carrying an added value.
The complexity of the insurance field combined with its priority needs have also led us, in our capacity as facilitator, to be present at your side.
The concrete expression of this commitment is the insurance program we have just discussed with you.
It is up to each of you to make a choice.

To learn more, here are the ways to follow:

  • contact the USB: Françoise Larsimont, to arrange an appointment in our premises (tel.: +3227339800 – e-mail address: web@unionsyndicale.eu – postal address: avenue des Gaulois, 36, 1040 Brussels);
  • contact, for Belgium: our insurance broker Concordia, in charge of managing our program, Mr Alain Voets (tel. office: +3224200033 – mobile: +32471133507 – e-mail address: expats@concordia.be – postal address: Romeinsesteenweg/chaussée Romaine 564/b, 1853 Strombeek-Bever;
  • contact, for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: our insurance broker IBS Europe, in charge of managing our program, Mr Yannick Morera (tel. office: +35226310611-40 – mobile: +352661515005 – adress e-mail: yam@ibseurope.com – postal address: route de Luxembourg, 68, L4972 Dippach.