The Court of Justice is the workplace of different categories of persons under a wide variety of legal statuses. EPSU CJ aims to unite and defend the institution’s staff (officials and other servants)- in other words, personnel positioned between the Members of the institution (Judges, Advocates general, Registrars), at the upper tier, and external employees (employed by subcontractors), at the other end.

Staff at the institution are, in turn, subject to a steep hierarchical structure crisscrossed by many dividing lines: officials and other servants, temporary staff and contract staff, with fixed-term or indefinite duration contracts (note that, in the case of staff in Members’ cabinets, the length of service is only theoretically ‘indefinite’). The closer we look, the more we discover a fragmented landscape, where the interests of staff seem reduced to an environment in which it is ‘every man for himself’.

A trade union’s raison d’être is the exact opposite: to fostera sense of solidarity and to transform that solidarity into a force for change.

EPSU CJ has been able to obtain key achievements, which should also serve as examples to be followed by all the institutions…

  • The system for promoting officials, based on adding up merit points (rucksack formula), was complemented by a pro rata temporis mechanism, which makes it possible to fix the date of promotion on a monthly basis, and not only on January 1st of the year.
  • Most recently, a pay supplement was negotiated for contract staff whoearn less than the Luxembourg minimum social wage.

Moreover, while legal costs may be unaffordable for individual colleagues, the union provides an arsenal of legal advice and legal aid that can go as far as taking a case to court.

For solidarity to produce results, noble intentions must translate into an organising force.A union that has a presence everywhere is at once more representative, more democratic, more efficient and brings balance to power. Decisions made in consultation with the union are better decisions that work better for everyone.

Bring EPSU CJ the strength, skills and talent it needs to make the Court of Justice a better place to work for everyone!

Simply by joining,each new member strengthens our ability to defend everyone.

Vassilis Sklias
EPSU CJ Président