Declaration of the Budget Committee of the European Council of 13th of July, on the draft general budget of the European Union for the financial year 2023.

In the Council Budget Committee’s declaration on the draft General Budget of the EU for 2023, the Commission is asked to present, by the end of September 2022, an evaluation of the effects of automatic salary discounting and to submit a proposal to alleviate the pressure on administrative expenditure.

  • On July 20th, following this statement, DG HR organized an extraordinary meeting to present to the OSP’s its position regarding this statement, namely that :
    -the Council’s statement is not such as to call into question the Commissioner’s commitment not to reopen the Staff Regulations;
    -the Commission will request strict compliance with the Staff Regulations in force as regards the application of the Method for adjusting salaries in accordance with Annex XI and the acquired rights of each member of staff.

Furthermore, all the staff unions of the European Commission, grouped in the Common Front, wish to confirm with the utmost clarity that ALL the unions are totally and unreservedly opposed to any new reform of the Staff Regulations.

  • The Common Front asks the Commission :
    – to follow the line presented at the meeting of 14 June not to open up the Staff Regulations and to apply Annex XI to the letter as regards salary adjustments;
    – to be consulted in good time throughout the process in order to put in place, within the framework of the current Staff Regulations, all measures that will improve the attractiveness of the European civil service and the working conditions of all colleagues.

Declaration of the Budget Committee of the Council on
the draft general budget of the EU for 2023 (link)

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