You have some questions concerning your pension? Wondering when to retire? Our calculator tells you, month by month, whether you can retire, or the preparatory half-time, and what percentage of your basic salary you would then be entitled to.

Feel free to download our retirement calculator.

If you would like more information about your questions concerning pension rights, etc., please contact us. Do not hesitate to read our dedicated articles here. We have also published several issues of our Staff Matters, which deal with the transfer of your pension rights: Staff Matters #13. Here is an excerpt :

This newsletter focuses on the calculation of transferred pension rights from the national pension scheme to the European Union pension scheme. The General Court had decided that the Commission was not allowed to always deduct from the updated capital actually transferred, an interest at 3.1%1 per year in respect of the period between the date on which the application for transfer was made and the date of the actual transfer. When the national scheme has supplied the value of the pension rights as at the date of registration of the application, the calculation of years of pensionable service under the Staff Regulations must be made on the basis of the full amount. The Court of Justice confirmed that decision by dismissing an appeal of the Commission against the Court’s ruling.

* Please note that some very special cases cannot be covered by this calculator, for example colleagues who have changed status or contract (auxiliaries / contract staff / temporary staff / officials). This tool also does not allow you to obtain the net pension to which you would be entitled, in particular because it depends on your personal situation, but also on the grade and step you have reached, which is impossible to predict.


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