An established trade union in a young institution

Union Syndicale at the European External Action Service (EEAS), the youngest European institution in Brussels, has received the support of Union Syndicale Brussels (USB), which is also present in all other European institutions in Brussels. Currently, one of our EEAS representatives is serving as Chair of USB.

As members of USB, we are also part of the Federal Union Syndicale (USF). Sharing experience, building solidarity.

Union Syndicale is the main trade union at the EEAS. We hold the chair of the Staff Committee (SC), which is comprised of representatives of the various trade unions.

Union Syndicale‘s main objective is to make the EEAS as attractive a workplace as possible for all staff.

Ever since its establishment at the EEAS, Union Syndicale has fought and will continue to fight for a number of causes:

  • a fair evaluation and promotion system in the EEAS;
  • more personalised career prospects, with a career plan worthy of its name;
  • transparency and fairness in all staff policies;
  • a better balance between temporary agents and officials;
  • improving working conditions and the future of local agents (health insurance, etc.);
  • combating the increasing precariousness of contract agents’ employment;
  • a better work-life balance, especially in delegations.

Our members are present at all levels of the “Social Dialogue”, as well as in the joint committees, which ensure that the staff rules are properly applied.

Our team:

At the headquarters:
Niels BRACKE (USB President), Luca CREEMERS (Secretary), Georgios KRITIKOS (former SC President), Thierry LACOUR (SC President + USB VP), Lidia LAPINSKA BUA.

In delegation:
Bruno FIEVET, David NGWIRI, Jean-Pierre MOLLE, Nga NGUYEN.

Union Syndicale is a trade union with values:

  • solidarity with all staff,
  • special attention to the weakest among us,
  •  equity and social justice,
  •  integrity, and
  •  respect for others and for our social partners.

Niels Bracke
President of USB