Concerned about your health? A small glitch can happen quickly and when our well-being is concerned, caution is called for.

In order to offer our members the best possible services and to give you the best advice, we concluded a new partnership with Afiliatys. You will find the agreement between Union Syndicale Brussels and Afiliatys here (French only!). This partnership allows you to subscribe to the HOSPI SAFE complementary health insurance (Allianz Care product), one of the best on the market.

HOSPI SAFE, what is it ?

  • Hospi Safe Plus”, covers hospitalisation, mainstream medical practice and dental care under certain conditions
  • Hospi Safe Sickness & Accident” (the new name for the former « Hospi Safe »), covers the hospitalisation costs linked to a disease or an accident
  • Hospi Safe Sickness“, offers the same cover as « Hospi Safe Sickness & Accidents », except for the coverage linked to Accidents.  This option is relevant for our active Members (100% covered by the JSIS against accidents) and for the retirees who subscribed to a top up coverage for Accidents (through AIACE, for example)

Please note that not all family members must subscribe to a same option.

You will find here all the information concerning the different covers provided by Afiliatys.

Union Syndicale members can become a member of Afiliatys free of charge: !!! How to join Afiliatys ?, kindly send an email to:

Please note that our members from Eurocontrol can also become members of Afiliatys.

Afiliatys is a non-profit making association of officials, other staff and retired colleagues, whose main purpose is to:

  • contribute to the well-being of its members, particularly in terms of improving and protecting their health and
    that of their close relatives,
  • organise social activities for its members and their families,
  • facilitate its members’ integration in the life of their host country, for example through involvement in voluntary
  • support charity work helping people suffering from serious illnesses or contending with poverty and social