As a member of Union Syndicale Brussels you may contact Eurocreta to get advantageous mortgages. Just mention them your USB membership number.


For over 25 years now, Eurocreta helps customers in the area of mortgage credit, personal loan and insurance always with the same motivation. Eurocreta puts his experience to benefit its customers always trying to find the best solution adapted to individual needs.

Since 2001, the agency Brabant (Kavlendakis Andreas) is now an official branch of RecordBank (Agency No172266) and 2004, Schuman agency (Kavlendakis Manolis) opened its doors to help and advice EU employees. The agency Schuman became a bank in 2010 (No Cash) also RecordBank (Agency No34173-6).

We are members of the A.P.C.C. (Professional association of credit brokers), approved by the MFA (Ministry of Business economic) and recognized by the FSMA (Banking, Finance and Insurance), quality label in the brokerage business.

Thanks to the two agencies in Brussels and no less than eight speakers of French, English, Greek, Turkish and Spanish, Eurocreta is primarily there to help, advice and find solutions !