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EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, made up of 41 Member States and the European Union (represented by the European Commission).

The main objective of EUROCONTROL is the development of a consistent and coordinated air traffic control system in Europe. The Organisation also contributes to improving the safety of European aviation (network management, the environment, R&D, performance, technical and regulatory support to the EC and EASA, etc.).

EUROCONTROL was founded in 1960 as a civil/military Organisation with the task of supervising air traffic for civil and military users in the upper airspace of its six founding Member States. EUROCONTROL has since evolved into a centre of excellence for European air traffic management, steering and supporting air traffic management improvements across Europe.

Now, along with its partners, EUROCONTROL has the task of building the Single European Sky.

Union Syndicale is present at the various sites of the Organisation, at Brussels, Brétigny-sur-Orge (France) and Luxembourg.

Contact :

Georges Tsolos

Tel. 02/729.35.36

Tracts Eurocontrol

*3 Unions Letter to DG. Approval by correspondence of AR 26.10.22

*Letter to Member State representatives on the provisional Council – Admin reform package 17/06/2022

*End of Year Message – December 2021

*Letter to Sabrina Depycker – November 2021

*Answer to DG concerning the Easter update – April 2021

*Trade Unions letter to MS Deloitte Report – February 2021

*Annex Statement from Trade Unions to Deloitte Report – February 2021

*Deloitte Report, statement to Staff – February 2021

*Fundamental review study – January 2021

*Resolution on violence and harassment in the workplace – adopted by the EC of 15/09/20 – September 2020

*Letter to the Member States on the Provisional Council – June 2020

*Financial Solidarity Measures Proposal– May 2020

* USB & USEF Letter to ECTL MS – Transfer of national pension rights to EUROCONTROL pension scheme – November 2019

*Cost evolution comparison among EUROCONTROL and ANSPs – November 2018

*USB Analysis on NM OPS Staff Issues – June 2018

*Summer staffing 2018 – April 2018

*The EU wants to take our right to strike – We support ETF, our partner for the EU social Dialogue in their efforts to better define a safe level of service for air travellers rather than trying to define a so-called minimum service level. A petition is available online – February 2018

*TUs letter to DG.HR services – November 2017

*ETUC asked to withdraw and amend the Staff Working Document “Practices favouring Air Traffic Management Services Continuity” because it recommends that Member States limit the right to strike and/or the right to organise – May 2017

*Position on the candidates for Director General of Eurocontrol – May 2017

*Trade Unions letter to DG – Social dialogue – HR services – May 2017

*US open letter – Future of Eurocontrol – May 2017

We say NO to forced or unfair implementation of lesser working conditions

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PRESS RELEASE 4 mai 2022 ETF STATEMENT : EUROCONTROL – DELOITTE REPORT Since last EUROCONTROL Provisional Council, ETF has been following the development of the “Deloitte Report” which aimed to implement some reforms including staff regulations and

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