USB Eurocontrol asked the Agency to get in line with the Belgian government and the European Commission teleworking measures in order to protect the Staff from the spread of Covid-19.

The Ministry explicitly states otherwise in its information to international organisations. At EUROCONTROL, all the tasks/functions are not essential (all support functions are not essential). Before 22/06/20 (from mid-March), the Agency had planned several phases and identified the essential and non-essential functions in order to avoid risks and took gradual arrangements/decisions. We were surprised that the teleworking was finally efficient and all tasks had been successfully released (DG, HRS, Finance, DECMA, etc.).  Good thing for the Agency activities! On 27/07/20, the Belgian Prime Minister stated: teleworking is “strictly recommended” for 4 weeks (until end of August).

The European Commission, considered as an essential function as well, took administrative decisions in order to ensure the safety of the working conditions and protection of staff. It is also important not to take any risk since the situation is unfortunately more worrying during the last 2 weeks on the national territory, and more in Antwerp/Anvers. The USB Eurocontrol recommends you to take all the necessary administrative measures in line with the Belgian government decisions – including teleworking measures for non-essential tasks.

The USB delegation at EUROCONTROL


For more information about the measures taken at a national level (Belgium), click here.