Union Syndicale team in EU Delegations (Hors Union) is available to advise and support colleagues from all staff categories (locals agents, contract agents, officials) on a wide range of staff matters, and specifically on Annex X and the EEAS and Commission decisions on procedures applicable to staff based outside the EU.

Union Syndicale has a strong presence inside the Staff Committees which are responsible for monitoring the correct implementation of the Staff Regulations and related administrative decisions and procedures. The CLPHU (‘outside the EU’ staff committee) is of specific relevance for staff based in Delegations. The CLPHU is a statutory body, foreseen by the Staff Regulations, which is established to represent the interest of all staff categories. The CLPHU appoints a number of their members to staff in Delegations within the framework of the Central Staff Committee which includes staff committees from other places of employment (Brussels, Luxembourg, Ispra, etc.).

Staff Committees, including the CLPHU, are there to assure that all relevant applicable rules and regulations are correctly applied; they are the guardians of the EU staff acquis. In doing so, they report wrongdoings, assist staff on individual and general matters, give opinions on Commission instructions or regulatory amendment proposals (for example on the promotion/reclassification procedure, mobility/rotation system, the living conditions allowance/rest leave exercise, housing, rest leaves, education allowance, etc), participate in joint committees (representatives of both the administration and local staff committees) on specific staff matters (i.e. ICV, Training, Medical Assistance, Promotion and Reclassification for LA, CA or AD/AST, etc), liaise with Delegation staff representatives, propose improvements to the applicable regulatory framework, etc.

While negotiations of changes to the Staff Regulations and related provisions is done in concertation meetings between trade unions and the administration. Staff committees such as the CLPHU can and do make proposals to improve the working conditions of colleagues serving in EU Delgations.