Concerning the incursion of work into private life, Union syndicale thinks it is time to act ! Union Syndicale is concerned by the increasing use of digital technology in our work which exposes colleagues to a constant stimulation which is not only addictive, but exhausting. The internet is still in its infancy and the full implications that its misuse can pose to staff wellbeing (stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc.) are not yet fully understood.

The growing problem of being constantly connected to work by mobile devices, emails or other digital formats affects the staff well-being and the quality of our work. It is therefore in the interest of all parties to find a solution to this problem. Colleagues are sometimes expected to be reachable at all times, including during evenings, weekends and holidays. This situation is against the Staff Regulations, does not allow to fully disengaging from work and results in the feeling of being constantly tracked. The General Meeting of Union Syndicale Members calls on the Executive Committee to address this issue with a view to negotiate measures aiming at protecting the private life of staff, including for example :

  • organisation of round table discussions with staff, mental health specialists, staff representatives, trade unions, and the administration to jointly identify the key problems and possible solutions;
  • review of the best practices introduced in private and/or public societies, through collective agreements or legislative measures;
  • launching of pilot projects in various institutions and agencies to analyse the applicability of such protective measures in the framework of the EU institutions and agencies;
  • preparation of a Code of Conduct/Guidelines for line managers and staff on the use of digital technologies, including the appropriate protection measures;
  • organisation of awareness raising events and ad hoc seminars to prevent digital burnout, and improve the wellbeing of staff.

Read the entire document about the incursion of work into private life here : Motion – Incursion of work