The Agora 81, about digital revolution and work is out !

Read here an excerpt :

Many people think, ‘the world of work is set to be hit by a veritable digital tsunami, shattering our present preconceptions about employment. A substantial proportion of the jobs we know today will be rendered obsolete’. Based on more than 25 years of research, the authors intend to get a better grasp on the digital economy by examining whether the changes we witness today are a continuation of previous trends or a radical change from the past.

For this, they investigate in the first part of the document, which aspects of the digital economy model can be deemed genuine novelties and potential harbingers of major breaks with the past, and which aspects are merely amplified versions of existing trends for industry and service-sector restructuring and workplace transformations. The second part of the document addresses the main digital changes which nowadays impact strongly on workplaces and lead with them to important future transformations. The third part examines the new forms of work generated by the digital economy.

The fourth and final part of the document shows the impact of the newly emerging unstructured work environment on the relationships between an individual and the collective, notably with the rise in remote working and broadens the perspective on patterns of integration at work. It raises the challenges our more and more individualised and unstructured work environment poses to collective organisation and regulation. In their conclusion, the authors call for politicians and trade unions to give top priority to the digitalisation-related challenges.

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