By car insurance, we generally mean:

– compulsory insurance called R.C. Auto (civil liability for motor vehicles);
– non-compulsory complementary insurance such as omnium and mini-omnium insurance, driver insurance, legal protection insurance, assistance insurance.

R.C. Auto covers the liability of drivers of a vehicle. This insurance is compulsory for all vehicle owners as soon as the vehicle is put into circulation. When you are responsible for an accident, this insurance covers the material and bodily damage caused to the victims but does not cover your own injuries or the material damage caused to your vehicle. For this reason, the R.C. Auto is often supplemented by other coverages such as omnium and mini-omnium which cover material damage caused to the insured vehicle.

Other complementary coverages are also possible:

-legal protection which covers legal costs and provides the insured with legal advice and assistance;
-driver insurance which covers bodily injury suffered by the latter;
-assistance insurance, which provides assistance to the insured in the event of a vehicle breakdown (breakdown assistance, towing, etc.).

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