General Assembly of June 30th 2022, Union Syndicale Brussels creates an Agency section!

Published on 11 July 2022


The General Assembly of Union Syndicale Brussels was held online on June 30th, under the chairmanship of Jean-Michel Galais, Deputy Treasurer of the USB.

The General Assembly took place at an important time for the Agencies and their future, particularly in view of the difficult situation within certain agencies. Numerous cases of abuse and harassment have been reported by employees on the part of Directors and the administration seems to be standing still.

The General Assembly was therefore an opportunity to reiterate the objectives : to defend the European public service, to allow Union Syndicale to be recognised in the agencies, for example by setting the working and employment conditions of staff, and to ensure that the structure of the agencies meets the requirements of a modern and human multinational administration.

In this context, the members of the USB met to discuss the creation of a USB- Agencies section, they exchanged in particular on the amendments to the proposal of modifications of the status of the USB as well as the amendments to the Draft Resolution, and proceeded to the vote.

The General Assembly was also the occasion to fix the rule distributing the number of seats to be attributed to the Executive Committee for each section following the creation of the Agencies section. Were also discussed the modalities for the transfer of the members of the Agencies and their contribution and the role of the Executive Committee to ensure the transition over a 3 years periode.

The USB is satisfied that the Amendments have been validated. The creation of this section will ensure the continuity of union work in the agencies and they will also be able to benefit from the USB infrastructure, as well as the legal and technical expertise of all the sections represented in the US.

Existing Union Syndicale organizations in the Agencies across Europe are invited to join this new structure under the USB roof, ain order to create the greatest possible synergy.

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