Hello USB Community,

This week marked a significant milestone for the Union Syndicale Bruxelles (USB) members within the European Union Asylum Agency (EUAA) based in Malta. We successfully held our first informal assembly, a gathering that not only brought our members together but also set the stage for our future actions and strategies. Jimmy Stryhn Meyer, President of EPSU-CJ, Co-president of the Staff Regulations Committee and Bureau member of USF was also present and contributed with his experience and knowledge to the discussions.

The Essence of Our Gathering

The primary aim of this inaugural assembly was to facilitate introductions among our members, fostering a sense of unity and community. It also served as a platform to discuss the next steps in our union's work and the challenges we face in our working environment.

Highlights of the Meeting

  1. Commitment to Regular Assemblies: Recognizing the importance of continuous dialogue, we collectively agreed on regularly convening this assembly. This decision underscores our commitment to maintaining open communication channels and addressing ongoing issues effectively.
  2. Towards a Stronger Partnership – The Framework Agreement Proposal: A focal point of our discussion was the proposal for a framework agreement between Union Syndicale and EUAA. This proposed agreement is not just a formalization of our relationship but a strategic move to enhance the visibility of our union. It aims to empower us to contribute more effectively to the Agency's mandate through formal social dialogue, thereby amplifying our influence and impact.
  3. Strengthening Our Ranks – Union Recruitment and Enhancement: A key priority identified was to strengthen the Union’s presence and recruitment efforts within the EUAA. To simplify this process, we encourage members to share this link with potential new members: Join USB. Additionally, to enhance our community's visibility, we invite members to let us know if they wish their names to be visible in USB correspondence.
  4. Addressing the Challenge of Contract Agents Reduction: A significant concern raised was the expected reduction in Contract Agents, as indicated in the EU Budget for 2024. This reduction not only means the potential loss of jobs for 90 colleagues but also highlights the challenges in effectively replacing these roles with interim staff. The long-term status of interim positions and the possibility of challenging these through the Ombudsman and European courts was a critical part of our discussion.

Looking Ahead: Save the Date As we strive to make meaningful progress, your active participation remains invaluable. Please mark your calendars for our next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 13th December. The venue details will be shared soon.

Our first meeting was just the beginning. With our collective efforts, we can continue to build a strong, united, and effective presence within the EUAA.

Looking forward to our continued collaboration and to seeing you at our next gathering.