At the USB-Agencies Section, we have always held a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of collaboration and open dialogue. Today, we are excited to unveil our renewed commitment towards our members in Frontex.

Our Renewed Focus

Our objective is lucid: to cultivate an influential presence within Frontex and synergize with our members towards shaping the future we envision. Embracing this goal, we've kickstarted a social dialogue, opening channels of communication that previously remained underutilized.

In line with our pursuit, we've reached out to Mr. Hans Leijtens, the Executive Director of Frontex. Our dialogue with him is focused on critical concerns that resonate with our members, ensuring that the voice of every individual is acknowledged and addressed.

Key Areas Under Consideration

  1. Working Time and Hybrid Working Model: We are closely observing the Agency's stance on new working time arrangements and the hybrid working model. We have expressed concerns over the model's potential negative impact on certain staff groups. We firmly believe it might be contrary to the Work-life Balance Directive and the Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions propounded by the Commission's Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL).
  2. Management of Payments for Standby Duty and Shift Allowances: We are deeply concerned about the reported substantial delays in payments for standby duty and shift allowances.
  3. Deployment of Standing Corps: We have identified systemic issues in the deployment practices of the Standing Corps. The unpredictable and non-transparent deployment processes are wreaking havoc, causing significant disruption and distress in the lives of our members and their loved ones.

Looking Ahead

As we forge ahead, our primary focus will always remain the welfare and progress of our members at Frontex. We value your unwavering support and engagement, which fuels our commitment to building a more inclusive, equitable, and progressive work environment. Stay connected for more updates.