Every year, Institutions waste lots of time and energy in the yearly staff evaluation procedures, that produce more frustration and demotivation than useful things and that is why Union Syndicale Council is suggesting a radically new way of doing :

Do you have any idea of the amount of energy expended each year on drawing up staff reports for GSC staff or of the number of working hours spent each year on interview preparation, interviews, consultations, report writing, comments, corrections and amendments (as well as on complaints, the Reports Committee’s deliberations and appeals)? All this is done for the sake of the promotions procedure – an unpredictable, opaque and often unjust lottery and an inexhaustible source of frustration and tensions that demotivates at least as many deserving colleagues as it motivates. What an absurd
waste to lengthen the yearly evaluation so much, producing frustration and demotivation in the staff : Union Syndicale Council wants to tackle this problem and proposes a new way of doing.

What if we were to imagine a more rational, predictable, simple and motivating system? What if all those colleagues whose work meets the high standards expected of an EU official were exempt from a written staff report? And what if – given the trust-based culture with its focus on results and in which the ending of the clock in/out system means that staff are trusted to work the hours required – the absence of a written report was enough to demonstrate that the quality of work done met expectations and requirements?

Reports would then be issued only for those colleagues whose work was either exceptional or not up to standard (or for those colleagues who specifically asked for a report). What if, once a year, those colleagues for whom no report had been issued were promoted at the same speed, since they would, by implication, have fulfilled the necessary promotion criteria. It would remain possible to accelerate the promotion of those colleagues who had been exceptional while those colleagues needing to improve the quality of their work would have to wait a little longer and prove their worth.

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