The recent unpredictable and disproportionate increase in fuel prices in Europe has a very serious impact on family budget of several colleagues who, due to the nature of their duties which are not compatible with teleworking, are obliged to travel to their place of work daily.

The particular and restrictive timetable of this category of staff often limits the possibility of using public transport, especially for those who live outside Brussels.

The high cost of using a private vehicle to travel several kilometres a day forces staff to sacrifice other necessary expenses to avoid the complete derailment of their family budget.

Union Syndicale asks DG HR to examine the possibility of assisting, during this difficult period, colleagues with lower incomes and belonging to the categories of staff who are excluded from telework, by contributing to the cost of their fuel.

Union Syndicale recalls that DG HR did not fail to fulfil its duty of care in the past when this was proven necessary, for example by granting additional remuneration to certain groups of Contract Agents in Luxembourg.

In the current circumstances, a sign of solidarity seems indispensable.

Brussels, 05-17-2022

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