Union Syndicale is pleased to inform you that the Belgian federal authorities have approved the building of a new temporary school for 1,500 pupils on the NATO site : the Secretary General of the European Schools has also confirmed us this information.

The parents, supported by Union Syndicale and the other unions, had rejected the initial proposal, which was unsuitable both in terms of infrastructure and child safety standards.

The schools being overcrowded, it was necessary to open quickly a new temporary school for the European Schools. Now, following proposals from parents and trade unions, such a school is going to be built using temporary building modules.

The temporary school will be ready for the 2021-2022 school year. Registration will be available for kindergarten and primary school pupils as from January 2021.

Union Syndicale would like to thank the various Parents’ Associations of the Brussels European Schools and notes with satisfaction the unity and synergy of all staff representation in this matter.

Of course, this is not solving the overcrowding in the Brussels European Schools and Union Syndicale will follow-up this file at all political level.

The Belgian authorities have yet to give green light to the 5th permanent school, designed to accommodate 2,500 students for full cycles i.e. from kindergarten to
the European Baccalaureate. The plan is to build this school on the NATO site and is expected to solve the chronic issue of schools’ overcrowding.

Union Syndicale will continue to support the European Schools system and will keep you informed on the developments.

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