Union Syndicale Bruxelles organises webinars for its members to prepare the next EPSO competitions. Each of the following sessions will include methodology, testing and explanations for each correct answer. You will be able to ask questions in a chat box and the teacher will answer them interactively. The day before the start of each session, you will receive training material which we strongly suggest to print out in case you would wish to watch it again after the deadline for access to them.

Date —  Monday 4 and Wednesday 6 May 2020 from 18h till 21h00 (Brussels time)

1- General presentation of the Multiple-Choice Question-tests & verbal reasoning,
2- Numerical reasoning,
3- Abstract reasoning.
4- Situational judgment

The DEADLINE for registration for the Webinar (in ENGLISH only) is: Wednesday 29 April at 16h00 (local time Brussels time).

The price? FREE for our members and those who join Union Syndicale. You may also enroll your family members: the course is free for them if they cannot become US members out of their own right.

The planned time does not suit to you?

In case that you cannot assist, you will receive on the day after the daily session, a link and password that will allow you to follow the previous days’ recorded session. The access to the online course as well as to the training material is limited until Wednesday 20 May inclusive at Midnight, (Brussels time). We strongly suggest to print out the training materials in case you would like to vision them again after the deadline access to the recordings.

For more information or to register to the webinars to prepare EPSO competitions, please send an email to: formations@unionsyndicale.eu

PS: The training will take place subject to a sufficient number of participants.