Union Syndicale Council : better opportunities of careers for the Staff in the GSC!

Staffing – recruitment

Understaffed services must be clearly identified and a maximum of vacant posts must be filled by recruiting permanent officials for each of the available permanent posts. The current drift towards privatisation and outsourcing must be halted, as it does lasting damage to the quality and morale of the European civil service. The recruitment of temporary and contract staff should be limited to a strict and rational minimum.

Increasing the value of internal experience, including for management positions

It is clear that the GSC needs to make full use of the talents and skills it already has within it, which also means limiting external recruitment. If staff feel that their expertise is fully valued and put to good use, they will be motivated, which is in the best interests of the GSC. The same logic should apply to the appointment of Directors and Directors-General. Instead of using external recruitment for senior posts, priority should be given to recruiting competent internal candidates. Why should external experience count more than internal experience?

Internal selection / recruitment procedures

While Union Syndicale Council and the FFPE are strongly committed to internal recruitment and selection procedures, we believe that there is room for improvement in some of the more rigid aspects of these procedures, such as careers. We look forward to working with the administration to make the internal mobility policy more flexible and responsive.

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