Discover here some of the subjects of the last Flash (December 2019) from the Council :

  • Carrying over annual leave : We have received a reminder about the rules on carrying over more than 12 days of leave to 2020. Since a favourable judgement was issued, the administration has been obliged to accept the carrying over of leave when a colleague has been unable to take the leave during the year in question due to a prolonged period of illness or an accident. If you are ever unable to take all your leave, in particular because you have taken maternity leave, parental leave or family leave, it is very likely that the administration will refuse to carry it over. Union Syndicale takes the view that these are valid reasons and will assist colleagues who receive a refusal in such circumstances.
  • Sickness insurance-screening : Following an agreement between the unions and the Commission, our sickness insurance scheme is finally offering a new screening programme, depending on gender and age. It can be accessed online via the JSIS portal and the costs are fully covered by the insurance. We recommend that you make use of this programme. It is still inadequate (for example, there is no hearing test, no vaccinations, etc.) but it is better than nothing.
  • Teleworking : Negotiations between the unions and the Appointing Authority have resulted in a compromise text that is currently being finalised. There will be a joint communication from the administration and the unions containing the details. Union Syndicale is pleased that the possibilities for teleworking will be greatly improved from 2020.
  • Part-time working : Union Syndicale conducted a survey to find out how many colleagues would like to work part-time but are obliged to work full-time. Around one third of respondents stated that they were in this situation. Union Syndicale will seek to negotiate with the administration with the aim of relaxing the strict administrative rules which stand in the way of an optimum balance between private and professional obligations.
  • Public transport costs : If you intend to apply for partial reimbursement of the costs of your public transport season tickets for 2019, don’t forget to submit your request in Ariane by 15 February at the latest!

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